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Pan Pictures. What is behind the brand and how did it evolve? 

If you ponder the name Pan it reminds you of the shepherd god of the forest and nature. However, the reference is also attributable to the figure of Peter Pan. It is emblematic of childlike fantasy and autonomy. The novel Pan is like a kaleidoscope: We don’t understand every shift of pictorial detail, but do realise that Peter Pan is on an adventurous journey in which reality and fiction interact almost seamleassly. 


Pan originally comes from Greek and means all-encompassing or total. At Pan Pictures, we want to embrace the entire picture and do it in a very authentic way. Our videos are supposed to serve as a deep level of communication. We want to release emotions that words may not allow. Creativity and reality go hand in hand and let our subjects be as they are: Real.

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Production, Marketing & Communication 

Bea discovered her interest in tourism through the M.Sc. in "Sports Tourism and Destination Management" at the Sport University Cologne.

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Filmer, Editor & Social Media

Sebi is a freelance filmmaker in the field of tourism, sports and image

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